Posted by: Charles Maitland | Saturday 26 November, 2005

Whats wrong with a picture

I have noticed a worrying trend to produce reams of paper out of a system and call it documentation.

I am doing a Vision Surduct (Think of a meta layer for an Excel Reporting Tool) next week.

As this is reporting out of a Database I asked for any documentation they had for their system’s database.

I was praying for a nice Visio Diagram.

I was Hopeing for a well written explanation of the database.

I got a 108 page printout of the table structure!

Just an automated dump of the table name and the fields with their types. Now I have to build the jigsaw before I can even begin. So next time you need a report from your database make your consultant a happy chappy and draw him a picture, even one in crayon will help!


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