Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 29 November, 2005

Bend over – No thanks

I was doing some coding and heard a section of an old Jam track on the radio downstairs. As it caused a brief and plesant flashback I wanted to hear some more. Now as I will be getting an MP3 player in the New Year I reconed I could sign up to an online music site. I like the idea that I had heard of the Napster model you pay a subscription and can download as much as you like. That way when I get bored with something I can easily ditch it. So I went over to their site.
At this point I started to get the hairs on the back of my neck rising!
The “Service” costs either £10, or to listen on an MP3 player a whopping £15. If that was not bad enough the same service in the US costs just £9 for the “To Go” MP3 Player package.
I am sure that Napster can sleep at night and have all sorts of justifications but there is no way that a service that I would get about 8 hours a week use from can justify £15 and being DOUBLE the price of the same service in the US.
At this point I declined the offer to bend over and walked away.



  1. The Napster service is just stupid. I know the iTunes Music Store has its flaws, the DRM for example, but its really the best legal alternative we have right now.

  2. Colin.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Just been checking that out. None of them seem to be right. Itunes is pay when I might not really want to hear it more than twice and the others seem to be offering lots but wont let you do the search to see what music they have.
    Guess I will have to stick to the internet music radio and my few remaining CDs for the MP3 player until someone breaks the cartel.

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