Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 1 December, 2005

Its a small world

In my earlier life I ran a small development company writing software for local small businesses. As part of the marketing for that I used to drag myself to a Business Breakfast club. Once a week at 7 am I would present myself, be given an indifferent breakfast and then be enthusiastic about bespoke software. Not Fun.

One of the other companies was a local hardware and support outfit called Abcom.
When I wound up the business I thought nothing of it until today when I received an email from a local charity Stafford House . The boss there has been passed my details by the boss at Abcom as a contact for some development work.

Now the really small world part of this is that:
A) My Sister in Law works for the charity and is heading up the project they want help on and which I have been discussing with her.
B) Touchstone do a lot of work in the charity sector. In fact we are a large player.

I hope that I can get it all together within the budget.

Hopefully we can do something around Microsoft CRM 3.0 in a similar way that we did with Gingerbread charity.

So if anyone from Microsoft reads this watch out another begging bowl will be being thrust in your faces in the New Year!


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