Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 1 December, 2005

Oh Why are we waiting

I remember singing that as a kid but I am back on it again.

Back on 14th November I attended the Launch for SQL / Visual Studio and Biztalk and dutifully applied for the software they were giving away.
Since then nothing.
I have loads of people at work asking about it wanting to see it and CUSTOMERS asking for demos.
Now you may think that I could download it from MSDN but Microsoft insist of tying the MSDN subscription to a passport account. The problem is that the person who know the login for the account is on holiday for another 2 weeks and even then the download would probably suck the life out of our internet connection.
Anyway 2 weeks on not a peep on the hoped for CDs so I am reduced to singing school boy chants!

I have heard the rumor that the delay may be caused by Microsoft not allowing any reseller to ship it till 1st o December so maybe the same rules apply to the give aways.

Watch this space.


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