Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 8 December, 2005

The curse of the Licence File

One of the jobs I am involved with is a Major ( > 1000 user) Axapta project. I was up at the project office yesterday and one of the major conversations that was doing the rounds was the performance testing.

It appears that to pass a milestone in the perf testing we need to show that the Axapta software can perform a certain number of user based transactions. A very sensable test. Unfortunatly we cannot get Microsoft Dynamix AX to release sufficent licences to perform the test.

There was much confusion about who was the problem; either the laywers, sales people or the business unit. The end result is that a critical milestone in a ++million pound project is being held up.

The result Massive debate buck passing and stress.

So if anyone ever reads this and  knoews anyone who can un block the log jam let me know!


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