Posted by: Charles Maitland | Sunday 22 January, 2006

Not all USB Ports are created equal

Now this will come as no surprise to most people but it was a bit of one to me.

I needed the Oracle client tools for Monday so I downloaded them on my home desktop machine.

I then decided to copy them to the snazzy USB protable hard drive work gave me.

I plugged it into the front USB ports on the PC – Nothing but a set of random clicks from the drive.

I plugged it into the USB Powered hub which runs off the rear USB ports – Nothing at all

I plugged it into the rear USB Port having unplugged the printer and crawled under the desk – Worked like a charm.

I understand that it is all about power feeds to the USB port but I was surprised that the front and back ports had different results given they are direct connections.

Oh well here’s to trying to suck Oracle data from a Sun Solaris box into a SQL 2005 Data warehouse in the morning. More on that as it happens!


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