Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 27 January, 2006

MSN Update

Boy am I having to back track a lot this morning.
Last might I had a rant about all the MSN Spaces feed doubling up. Now I know why.
There was a major update last night. The full details are here .
The ones I like best are:
 Better commenting for blogs and now photos as well!  This feature also has an (optional) clickable profile photo that you can leave behind when leaving a comment.  And there’s a mini text editor so you can format your comments (something I’m really glad we did!) kinda like blog entries.  Note that if you would like to turn off photo comments, you can do this in Settings.
Better URLs!  Sometimes the little things matter the most.  This is one of those things.  Say goodbye to /members/.  You can now be reached at  For example, now works!  We also have cleaner paths to pages, so if you want to give someone a link to your blog or to your photos, you can send them to or /photos.
Photos are no longer limited to 30MB; you can now upload 500 photos per month without worrying about running out of storage space.
This is truly an awesome update. I will now get off my soap box and update my Spaces with all the photos I need to share. I use Spaces for my personal stuff and WordPress for work stuff. I would be happy to use Spaces for all but I can only have one Spaces blog and I want the 2 sections totally separate.

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