Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 27 January, 2006

Reporting Services Licences – An Update

Wow this conversation stuff can work!
Last night I posted that MSRS can only be installed on a machine that has a SQL Server licence. This meant that the preferred architecture of the database on one machine and Reporting Services and IIS on another required 2 licences.
I woke up this morning and found that I had a reply. What I had said was not totally accurate.
The full reply is here. A Link to the licence document download is here .
What it says is that if you want the Report Server on a different machine then that will require a separate licence but you can have the Report Manager on a different machine without a separate licence.
Now the Report Manager is the web UI for the reports and the Report Server is the engine for delivering the reports. I am not sure which half does most of the work and I am sure that you would still need IIS running on the Report Server machine as it delivers its reports using SOAP calls but this could be a useful half way house especially when it comes to integrating the delivery of reports from the same machine that is delivering other content such as MS CRM or Great Plains Portal.
I have edited the original post to point here for the fuller picture.
My extreme thanks to BazarewskyM for such a prompt and full answer.


  1. […] SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 Licence. EDIT This is not strictly true – Read my follow up here for a fuller picture. I was prompted to think about some issues on licensing recently for 2 reasons. Firstly I picked up a posting via Technorati that I hoped would answer some questions (it didn’t) and also because I ran into this issue on the project I am on. The suggested architecture for running SQL Server and reporting services is to have the database on one machine and the Reporting Services on a second machine with IIS installed. very sensible until you find that this means 2 licences for SQL Server. Unfortunately the client had ordered an RS / IIS box but did not have the budget for the second licence and had to send it back. […]

  2. […] Reporting Services Licences bites again A while back I posted on the problems I encountered with the SQL Server licencing model that requires Reporting Services to be run on the same box as the database or that a second licence be purchased. I have just had the same conversation with another client. This is getting embarassing and Microsoft REALLY need to address this. Reporting Services is trying to break into a populated market. I know that the licence is much cheaper and easier that the likes of Crystal but they have an installed and trained userbase. getting people to make the switch is hard enough without extra licencing hurdles to jump over.   […]

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