Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 2 February, 2006

Google Images – China

I am not in favour of posting political or non work or BI Stuff here, but there needs to be an exception to every rule.
I read Doc Searls post today on the different Google image search results you get if you are in China.
Try these
It really shows up the variations.
I see that he is in fact refering back to a fuller rant by Mike Taht .
Now the only thing I can bring to the conversation is the dicotomy that the internet is presenting us with.
On the one hand it is making the disemenation of information easier and faster than ever before and on the other it is making the restriction of that information easier than ever before.
Other than the order of magnitude increase in volume and speed I wonder how much this differs from the control of books in the Soviet Union as was, or the control of scientific knowledge by the Roman Inqusition of 1616.
It seems to me that the adage that “knowledge is power and mankind seeks power” will allways apply therefore people will always seek to control knowledge.
It also seems to me that everyone is getting uptight about Google and MSN bowing to other countries demands but I dont recall ever hearing demands that book publishers and Bible publishers should have been smuggling copies into Soviet Russia, or for that matter that the New York Times should be paying for air drops of its paper over China.
Anyway rant off normal service will be resumed.
In case anyone did not guess THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY. If you want a fuller disclaimer please feel free to read any one of the hundreds that are floating on the net.

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