Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 2 February, 2006

Managing SQL Server 2005 Analysis Server Permissions

One of the things the client will be doing is assigning permissions to the cubes.
Now they will have at the end of the project about 800 users. In an ideal world they would be able to interact with the Active Directory and assign permissions to groups and then users to those groups. Unfortunatly this is the real world and the Active Directory is managed by an outsourced team and any such changes require lots of change requests etc etc.
If I have time on the project I was looking to produce a small app that uses the XML Scripting of actions to allow them to manage their users. They could use the SQL Server Management studio but that is a bit over the top for what they want to do.
I am wondering if there is anything like this in existance or if anyone has tried something similar. I will brush up on my Google foo later.

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