Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 16 February, 2006

Back in Harness

I am now back on line with a number of posts spinning in the brain.

First may I thank all the people who told me that I had not been left out of the brrrreeeport party. So nice to know. I guess my sulk was premature. Probably a feature of living with two 5 year olds!

What is particularly interesting is that I then visited the sites of the people who left comments and read some interesting and fun stuff.
I especially love this tag line from  Getting to Maybe.
One Lawyer. One Writer. Two Vegans. One Law Student. One Rock Climber. One Pastry Chef Student. One World Traveler. Many Ideas. One Blog. We really wanted to call this “Think!” but all we could get to is Maybe. One Rule – Keep it short. (If you can)

What is interesting is having one blog merging and fusing the ideas of a potentially diverse group.

I will split my other brain dumps into segments as they are back to being Tech related.


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