Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 22 February, 2006

Business Scorecard Manager and the Report Model

One of the things that everyone I show Microsoft Scorecard Builder to likes is the simplicity of building scorecards. In the same way that people like the Report Builder in Reporting Services.

What I think is odd is that the Scorecard Builder cant use the Reporting Services Models to access data. You have to build your own SQL or MDX queries.

At first I thought this was because it was not viable to write the application against another group’s spec.

Unfortunately I was recently told that this was not the case and there was not any plans to change this in future versions. This is apparently because the scorecards are best sourced from an Analysis Services Cube and therefore will use a schema that has been made user friendly.

I think that this is a big BAD move. The target audience to this technology is people who do NOT get MDX. They are also very often people who for a multitude of reasons cant base their KPIs on Cubes and Data Warehouses.

If someone has gone through the process of creating a Report Model then why not let Scorecard Builder users leverage the benefit?

I hope that I have got the wrong end of the stick and that this will come together in the next release.


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