Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 22 February, 2006

SSIS niggles

Apart from the data type and code page demands that I mentioned a while ago another very minor niggle has come to my attention over the last 2 days using it.

Validation Errors

Integration Services very helpfully validates each component at design time. This is an excellent feature but it has one small feature that is a it annoying.

If the component has a warning or error then it is displayed with a ! or a X. If you mouse over this then you get a tool tip of the error message. Unfortunately the SQL Server error messages are rather long, cryptic and verbose. This means that what you get in the tool tip is truncated just at the important bit. For me it usually ends up reading "Blah Blah Blah Field AccountCode Cannot convert data type [dt_num" The rest is left for me to guess. Now for the data types this is not so bad as I have got used to it but some of the more cryptic ones leave me without a clue.

It would be helpful across the board if some work could be done on clarifying and condensing the error descriptions. I am also struggling to find the documentation of the error codes, but that is probably just me.


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