Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 2 March, 2006

Communication With People – A new corporate accreditation

Robert posts a new challenge – Get Naked

I propose a new corporate accreditation scheme. In the UK we have something called Investors In People which accredits companies that meet certain HR business processes for their staff. It is a similar scheme to the ISO 9000 type schemes where companies have to be audited on their processes.

I would like to propose a new more focused variant. A CWP accreditation. That is a Communication With People scheme.

This should audit companies on their ability to communicate both with their own staff AND how their staff communicate with the wider world. It should measure their openness and just as importantly the closure of the feedback loop.

Blogs form part of this vision as a means of communicating but so does publishing real time performance metrics. So often I speak to clients at management or senior management level and introduce the concept of exposing company performance data to a company wide audience only to be greeted by looks of horror. Why??

I must declare an interest at this stage – My employer is NOT a leader in this! We are not bad but I want to make us GOOD. More on this to come


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