Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 2 March, 2006

From 1 to many in 7 days

This morning I got a shock. I sat down on the train and who should be staring at me from the pages of the man opposite me’s newspaper but Robert Scoble!

Not a sight to behold first thing in the morning (Sorry Maryam)

It was an article in the Guardian Newspaper here in the UK all about the Origami Project. It quoted “After a teaser post by Microsoft überblogger Robert Scoble last week”

I also saw a page on the BBC News Technology site which has a by line dated 1st of March 2006

Now I picked up on this in this post by Robert that quoted this post dated the 23rd Feb 2006. I cant find any earlier references to it.

I recon this means that this story has gone from 1 post to the mass media world wide in 7 days. Even Google has Origami Microsoft as a search suggestion for Origami.

Now that is one hell of a return on the marketing investment and one hell of an example of the power of A List bloggers!

All I hope is that the actual product delivers AND the rest of the world is not forgotten about when (and if) it launches!


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