Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 2 March, 2006

Old Style Blogging

I have found that the best time to blog is on the train home. Unfortunately this is the one time I don’t have access to my laptop and certainly not  any network. The result is I write my posts out long hand and the transcribe them when I am at home.

I was wondering if I could use blogging to justify a nice new Slate Tablet PC for this job. I have an oldish Acer C300 series convertible tablet but it is just too big and heavy to carry as well as my regular working laptop. It is also not up to the workload I subject my working laptop to.

So let me see.

150 pages per book, 1 post per page. Therefore 1 post = £0.02

Slate Tablet PC = £1,000

So at 2 posts a day I need to post for about 68.5 years.

Hmmm I think I need a new business case!


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