Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 3 March, 2006

Axapta search oddities

I have just had a look at my WordPress log stats and I see that a recurring theme is still happening. That is that I am getting hits from search engines where the search is Axapta or Dynamics AX.

Now this is odd because whilst my employer Touchstone is a major player (actually the top player – but that’s just bragging)  in the Axapta space. I am far from being the most prolific or knowledgeable poster on the subject.

I can only put it down to the fact that I include in my blog roll  some excellent blogger’s in the Axapta (sorry Dynamix AX) arena.



  1. in CRM module, i have to import ‘contact person’ & ‘contact details’ which is in exel, it is giving error as ” Field reference must be filled in”

    how to resolve?

    thanx in advance


  2. Hi Sachin,

    did you resolve this problem because I have got the same one. Could you help me with advice,

    Nice day, Paul

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