Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 7 March, 2006

SSIS Error Codes – Major Rant

I apologies in advance for this rant.  

What in the name of all that is holy is up with the error messages in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services!I am doing a large first run of a data load. The third from last task involves a straight dump of 14 Million rows into a table. 9,423,176 rows in and I get: 

The attempt to send a row to SQL Server failed with error code 0x80004005 

With that everything comes to a grinding halt.

Ok it failed but give me something to work on here!

A google of the error code shows that it has been used by every developer going and relates to everything from Outlook to ASP Pages!

I may as well resort to poking it with a large sharp stick, which is what I want to vigorously do to the people who did the error messaging in SSIS. 



  1. […] With all the annoying error message I got the last few days, this is exactly how I feel! […]

  2. Pass your large stick this way when you’ve finished with it!

    I’ve read elsewhere that the error code (-1002020939393 etc) is meaningless and that the error code is actually stored in the error column.

  3. What is the meaning? How Can I find wrong Column info by these?
    Redirect row results:

    ErrorCode Error Column
    -1071607689 541
    -1071607689 584

  4. MoonRiver or anyone else, have you had any luck finding out what do do what this type of info?

    ErrorCode Error Column
    -1071607689 4913

  5. In my case it was caused by the data coming in from Oracle contained invalid data like char(3) which the source application allowed when the user incorrectly tried to do a Ctrl V but did something else instead.
    The man to ask more about this is Jamie Thomson here

  6. In my case it was caused by invalid charecters in the incoming stream from the source Oracle database. I seem to recall it was a Char(3) or similar.
    The main man to ask would be Jamie Thomson over at Conchango.


  7. And it is still not fixed in 2008. Error codes like “-1071607675″ coming from something that is called Business Inteligence” If it had been called “Business Gibberish” we would have understood

  8. Here is how to decipher the message.

    Use programmer mode in 2008 os calculator.

    Hand me the sharp stick next, please.

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