Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 20 March, 2006

Annoying Reporting Services Bug

I have found an annoying bug in the report designer in Visual Studion 2005.

When you use the wizard to create a new report against a cube and use the query builder when you get the report done and then click on the data tab your query is discarded and you have to start again.



  1. I think this is going to be fixed in SP1:

  2. The most annoying bugs I’ve found is that the reports that display on the web don’t work in Firefox/Mozilla. Reporting Services is IE only. You get shrinking reports and session timeouts (after a minute) on multipage reports. Had similar problems in 2000; MS said we are aware and will fix it. Keep waiting we’re on 2005 sp1 and reporting services is still an IE only product.

  3. We have same problem but that workaround just does not work! I think this is absolutely pathetic that this is still an issue with Visual Studio! Anyone who has done any pages in 2003 will suddenly get a horrible feeling of de ja vu with this one. Switching from html->Designer mode in that wud mess up ur HTML completely. Copyright symbol would also magically be converted to its hex ref which would then appear on your page!!! Im getting really fed up of microsoft products continually not behaving! I don’t want my code behind to automatically do anything at all!!!!!! 😦

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