Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 21 March, 2006

Reporting Services and the Business Portal

Riddle me this…

What looks like a Sharepoint site, behaves like a Sharepoint site but is NOT a Sharepoint site.

A Great Plains business Portal!

Last week I had to do a Reporting Services 2000 install. The guys fro the client had tried to get it up and running so that we could crack on with report writing but kept getting an error.

I have seen this before when doing installs where Sharepoint also exists and believes it controls all web sites.

The normal solution is to run the command listed in Books Online for SQL Server Reporting Services under "install Reporting Services, troubleshooting" so I was confident that I could get it up and running in 5 Mins.

6 Hours later I did!

The problem was that it was not normal Sharepoint and the Great Plains Business Portal would not co-exist with Reporting Services.

The answer is to set up another web site that uses a different port, install reporting services as normal, create a set of virtual directories that point to the installed files, configure them and finally delete the original virtual directories!

A more coherent set of instructions can be found here. , The Business Portal 3.0 Implementation Guide. This is and exe download that self exctract and includes a word document,SQLReportingServicesandBusinessPortal.doc , which takes you through it step by step.

Good luck!



  1. […] To resolve it in the old version you had to use the STSADM.exe tool to tell Sharepoint to "Butt out" (unless you were using Business Portal from GP) […]

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