Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 23 March, 2006

Biz Sharp , Biz#: Microsoft’s mystery glue??

BizSharp – What is it? Where is it? Who is it?

I had a conversation some weeks ago with some one all about something with a Microsoft codename Biz Sharp or Biz# or something.

I was refraining from posting about it just in case it was a confidential code name but now I see that Ian Tien has mentioned it I think I can go ahead. 

He had some difficulty describing just what it was.

I think the following is a summation of the information I gleaned…

Its sort of a process management cubes based model structure.

Not a cube but similar.

Not quite UDM but Close.

It has work flow but isnt full work flow.

At the end I came to the conclusion that it was a framework that will allow developers to use standard modules for business applications and script the rules that define the interactions between them.


Take the General Ledger code structure from Dynamics GP and the security model from GP and script an Analysis Services Cube from it that includes the security.

Take the sales forecast module from MS CRM and build that in.

Then take the budget forecast module and build it into the cube. Finally build a forecast routing and approval workflow.

Now this is ONLY my interpritation of a conversation and is not based on anything else. Having said that I would be most interested in any other information anyone has.

Google seems to bring up nothing so I will have to live on my supposition for now.


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