Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 24 March, 2006

Computer Shopping – Customer wins the Battle!

In the past shopping at PC World (A large UK PC and component Retailer – Sort of Best Buy ish) was a battle between you and the sales rep who was constantly using every trick in the book to get you to buy more. This was so that he got his best commision. They would also try and manipulate you to get the product that would give them a commision bonus.

Finally they have discovered that customers dont like having to concentrate on not being manipulated and would prefer to concentrate on the products. To this end PC World have stopped commision based sales!

According to the report in yesterdays Telegraph sales staff will be rewarded for serving customers and not for making a quick sale! How Refreshing.

Apparently when a trial of the “One Team” was done the store performed 5% better that the rest of the group and customer satisfaction was up from an average of 7.8/10 to 8.3/10.

Just goes to show that treating customers as human beings (Clue Train) can boost the bottom line.


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