Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 28 March, 2006

Biz Sharp coming out of the shadows

Spotted that there was a Microsoft event in Salt Lake City Microsoft Enterprise Product Roadmap

this is billed as a private invitation only event so I guess that excludes any blog posts  but Track 2 includes the following:

 Description: Understand Microsoft's Business Score Manager offering today and what tomorrow's Biz# (Biz Sharp) promises in providing customer's common design interfaces and management tools for building out and deploying comprehensive, proactive, and interactive score card solutions.  As well come hear about Biz# and our direction in finanacial planning and budgeting.  These solutions also have back-end server infrastructure; these components will be outlined as well.  You will come away with some basic understnading of BSM and the futures of Biz#.  You will also come away with the value these offerings bring in supporting the deployment of backend servers for reporting, online analytics, and data marts.

It is a start and I hope that that the trickle leads to a flood. Interesting to see how it is being billed alongside and linked into Business Scorecard Manager 


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