Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 30 March, 2006

Riya Update – Spotting Twins!

Well I snuck in some time to look at Riya the photo tagging site.

My first impressions are –

1. The client tool needs processor! And I mean PROCESSOR. It totally maxed out my system and crashed it a few time I MUST emphasis that this is a known issue with my machine. NOT A RIYA BUG. If my machine overheats it just shuts down. I know that this client processing was mentioned in the Riya blog (somewhere! WHY do blogs not have a search!!!) but if you are looking to upload photos dont be under the misapprehension that this will all happen server side.

2. The web interface is good. There seems to be an issue with the bulk tagging where it does not always stick the tags. I suspect that this is due to the AJAX lag that is not apparent to the end user.

3. The recognition was better than I expected. Its ability to pick faces out of a photo seemed to be about 60% which was all I expected from my experience with Adobe Photo suite.

The surprising bit was that when I looked at the bulk recognition screen it was differentiating and grouping between my identical twins with a better that 80% accuracy! In fact I was hard pushed to work out the difference myself much of the time!

Overall. The uploading still needs work. It would be great if they could develop an option that worked when the machine was idle. Sort of like the MSN Desktop Search program does. That way uploading photos would not pooch a computer in totality.

The Face recognition is average.

The user interface is average but could do with more user feedback that what the user has done has worked.

Facial recognition is exceptional! with the caveats that the face has to be found first.

Overall: riyarocks




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