Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 4 April, 2006

Microsoft Buys ProClarity

Wow – This is a surprise. I was thinking that with all the scorecard work and Biz Sharp stuff that is going on Microsoft were going to plough their own way.

From CNET News "Microsoft announced Monday that it plans to acquire business analytics software developer ProClarity"

This will give Microsoft a solid top end product and most importantly a "Name product" and set of tools customers can look up to and feel big and confident. No matter that many of them dont actually need all that power!

 It will be interesting to see how it is going to fit in with the existing work, if indead it does. It may be that Microsoft run it as 2 distinct tracks.

 The other BI Vendors must be looking to grab their stock options and run.



  1. Hi,
    Can we customise the proclarity views,by adding some comments or images ,using proclarity desktop professional edition and those should be visible to the end useri.e after publishing.Or any other alternatives to make this possible.
    Hoping u reach me earlier as possible
    Thanking u

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