Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 4 April, 2006

More on the ProClarity Purchase

Been seeing a bit more comment appearing on the purchase of ProClarity by Microsoft.

The general feeling seems to be that it is a good thing but it does seem to leave the Microsoft BI strategy a bit up in the air.

There is some thinking that this may be in response to the announcements by Hyperion and Oracle and the partnership between SAP and Panorama.

Cube Geek has this analysis . He also says "It's also something of a slap to the internal people behind Microsoft Reporting Services, which although not very good for high-end apps is a good me-too against Business Objects, Cognos and Hyperion on the low end."

Now I don't think this is an issue for Reporting Services as that is a very different beast targeted at a clearly different requirement, however, I do think that it will cause a significant conflict with the Business Scorecard Manager Team and the Biz Sharp group. Especially with a rumored V2 of BSM in the Summer and Biz# later in the year.
I will be very interested to hear what Ian Tien really has to say on the matter.

I will also be keeping a close watch on how they set the licensing. At the moment there is Reporting Services – Free with SQL Server, BSM – relatively cheap CAL Licence but not free and the upcoming Office Server product range. Just where will they pitch it?


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