Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 20 April, 2006

Phlat the next generation desktop search

Straight from the Scoble Blog as edited by bubba murarka

Microsoft Research Phlat (Prototype For Helpful Lookup And Tagging)

It is a front end for MSN Desktop Search that is much Much more.

It allows you to do your searches as in MSN Search but it also..

Allows you to tag resulting files. These tags are applied to the file itself. So if you have certain files that you know are important or relate to a certain topic then you can tag them. My classic example is the tube map. I have downloaded the PDF tube map for reference. If I do a clasic MSN search then I get every email and file that contains the words Tube Map, which tends to include every email setting up a meeting in London. I can now tag the actual PDF as "Useful Info" and get to it with one click.

It also allows you to filter the search by document path. I try to keep each project documents in a folder so now I can jump straight to documents containing the words "Project Plan" for a specific project.

It allows filtering by person. So now if I am after emails from a person about "Boston" I can get there straight away.

Finally – so far – It allows one click filtering by document type.

The interface still has a slightly rough looking edge about it but that is simply eye candy and will come.

You can get it here and from 20 mins playing I think it is a winner.

Oh and it minimizes to the task tray so you get your task bar back! It probably does even more but I haven’t got there yet.


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