Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 4 May, 2006

The coolest job adverts EVER – OT

This has to be the best adverts I have ever seen.

Whilst flicking through this weeks edition of Computing, a UK trade journal I saw a full page job adverts section for a company called Access Devices. What caught my eye was the Logo "pimp My Box" and the tag line "If you've got the bling, pointy shoes and feathery hat, we want your cerebal booty".

It then goes on to list jobs as such:

Sales Support Engineer

You?ll be a product manager. You?ll be
technically proficient. You?ll be ruthlessly
efficient. And you?ll be sales orientated (but
not a tosspot)
. You?ll underpin the sales
teams and act as a technical reference for
the creative fairies in marketing.

You give us
? Product marketing/sales background
? Experience of high volume manufacture
? Digital TV experience an advantage
And we?ll give you
? About half what you think you?re worth
? A back, crack and sack wax

My emphasis!

There are so many other classics such as:

Software Team Leaders
We?re looking for a couple of Hannibals
to manage an A-team of renegade
developers. While sucking on a phat stogie,
you?ll be able to turn a shed full of crap in
to an armoured vehicle. Or you?ll be able to
create development specs, capture tasks,
prioritise, allocate and track. And you?ll love
it when your plans come together.
You give us
? 5 years+ C/C++
? Embedded environments
And we?ll give you
? £45-"50k? A pimped van with a red stripe

It is an advert worth reading!


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