Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 22 May, 2006

KPI Draw tool for Business Scorecard Manager

Ian Tien posted that this is now released.

From the documentation it seems that it allows Scorecards to be designed in a more interactive manner either in BSM Designer or in Visio.

From the Overview document:

KPIDraw Tool Overview

The KPIDraw tool is a set of plug-in components for Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 (BSM2005) and Microsoft Office Visio 2003 (Visio). The set comprises the following components:

1)    Diagram Viewer for BSM2005. This component allows the user to select and display a Visio diagram inside the BSM2005 Report View. The color of each shape on the Visio diagram follows the indicator associated to a KPI or an Objective.

2)    Diagram Tool for BSM2005. This component adds a floating window that displays a tree of Scorecard Elements.

The set allows users to do the following:

·         Add a new KPI / Objective button

·         Add a new KPI button to a Scorecard element

·         Add an existing KPI button to a Scorecard element

·         Associate, dissociate or delete buttons

Note The Diagram Tool doesn’t have a feature that accesses BSM2005 Scorecard data apart from KPIs or Objectives, nor does it have a feature to build Scorecard data from KPIDraw automatically, however, colors of any Visio shapes associated to BSM KPIs can be synchronized without any database coding by the tool.

I am rebuilding my dead scorecard VPC session and will then give it a go.



  1. i ve tried to associate Visio shapes wiht BSM KPIs or Objective and published it on BSM server, but color of shapes not changed as per KPIs indicator.

    If u ve any solution regarding the problem, pls post it.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry never got it to work and had to move on. One day I hope to have time to look closer.

  3. Tks very much for your useful post.

    Other sources about KPI, I think also useful


  4. That was indeed an impressive editorial! I most certainly will definitely share it.
    …carry on the truly amazing work!

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