Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 22 May, 2006

Still Struggling with KPI builder – Rant!

Unfortunately I still cant get it to do anything! Maybe I am missing a trick.

The thing that this has raised for me is that if I am still not seeing any results how will my clients? One of the WOW factors for clients is how easy BSM is to use, but now we have an add-on that will require the services of a specialist to get running.

The product may be great but it is currently massively let down by the install experience.

I am sorry but for an application that is targeted at moderate level users having an install file that runs as a self extracting zip file, requires reading of the install document and hand crafting the install is not in keeping.

This is even worse when the Install document tells users

"You need to place this file into the assembly directory (GAC).".

85% + of users would not know the GAC if it came and slapped them round the head with a wet herring!

To follow this statement with:"

Configuration – WinForms

To plug-in Diagram Viewer, PmBuilder.exe.config must be placed in the folder where PmBuilder.exe is installed.

" is lunacy and it gets worse!.

The product may be good and such installation acceptable for a closed Alpha but for a released product targeted at moderate IT departments it falls far short.

Please Ian pull this till it is ready for me to be able to stand up in front of a customer and be proud of it!

PS. The documentation calls the product KPIDraw Tool but all the file names refer to Strategy Map Tool. Please!!!

EDIT: It seems that Ian's Post has been pulled!?! But as at 22:00 UK Time the download is still up
PPS Ian and team keep up the good work. It is going in the right direction, and the punters love it!



  1. … and the struggle goes on!

    No one seems to be able to make KPIdraw work … Check out .NET Framework Post, msdn, google and so on – the picture remains:

    How does it work?

  2. I gave up.
    I think that this is something that was released well before its time but noone has got round to (or had the guts to) pull the download.
    I suspect that it will stagnate and then reappear as part of the PerformancePoint server product.

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