Posted by: Charles Maitland | Saturday 27 May, 2006

Overcoming Software Limitations in Multidimensional Reports

This article by James Catchpole looks to be an interesting read. I have not gone into it in sufficient detail to know if it is correct or viable but maybe tonight!

EDIT As pointed out by furmangg in the comments this is in fact an article that explains in complex detail how to create a matrix report. Show that I should read something before posting it!

Link removed!



  1. Hmm… interesting article… I totally disagree with it, though. He should have just used a matrix and pivoted the dataset so that products and dates are on rows. Then use a matrix in Reporting Services to build the “dynamic” columns. I’m not sure he understands the differrence between the table and the matrix in SSRS.

    I’m also not sure what he’s doing publishing an SSRS2000 report nearly 9 months after SQL2005 is out (in which MDX support is much improved). The best way to build parameterized MDX in Reporting Services 2000 is to build a custom data extension which allows you to put parameters in MDX… and also allows you to preview the query. I think Artis Consulting built one.

    That’s a very interesting idea he had… but much the longest path to solving the problem, IMHO.

  2. In reply to the above comment by Furmangg.

    Not sure if you read the whole article or not, but the point of not using a matrix should be obvious when the goal was to create dynamic column headers. My reports are still running today with current data and zero maintainence, that was the point.
    Let me know if you “build” a custom data extension.

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