Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 30 May, 2006

Help Please – Reporting Services and TIFF Images

One of our clients has a requirement to be able to drill down from a transaction line to show the scanned source document. 

The problem is that the image is scanned as a TIFF image which is not supported by Reporting Services 2000 and it needs to appear within a report.

My first idea is to use a custom code function to utilise the .NET image functionality to dynamically change the image to something that is handled. However, my test attempts are failing so I may need to look elsewhere.

My second idea was to use a different image control but this is SQL 2000 so that is not an option.

My final idea, and the least attractive, is to get the source application to change its image format and then batch convert the existing images.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Has this been done before?

Many Thanks. 

UPDATE: A few people have asked if I found a solution to this. The answer is no, not a solution but we did come up with a workaround. The source application had a web page which displayed the Tiff using a custom control. We added a dynamic link to an ASP.NET page that then embedded the source application’s rendering page in it. We had to use this page within a page solution to allow us to handle the source application’s security requirements. A bit of a hack but the cheapest and most successful way we could come up with.



  1. We have the same problem. We are trying to rendering a binary field from a table and it goes on the Visual studio preview but when we deploy to the Report Server it doesn’t display any image..
    Have you found any soluction?


  2. Charlie,

    I am having a similar issue with trying to display bitonal TIFF images in the report. It works fine on my development box but once deployed to the Report Server it fails to render.

    Did you ever find a way around your problem without having to convert all your images?

    Thanks, Min

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