Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 31 May, 2006

Systems Union Vision reporting tool Excel 2007

Vision is a tool for reporting, primarily financial data, into Excel and their own tools. It grew out of Sun Financial products and now includes Great Plains, Axapta and a range of bespoke applications.

Just a note: It does not work with Excel 2007 Beta 2. Just in case anyone was as mad as me and tried it!



  1. bummer….what kind of errors did you get ? Did you check with lasata if it should have worked ?

  2. Hi Brian

    I have not raised this with Systems Union as Office 2007 is still in Beta I would not expect too much. I will ask them as they have a stand here at the Partner Conference. I suspect I will be greated with blank looks but who knows.

  3. My web link is out of date.

    We have a web based financial intelligent data warehouse. I am looking for creative ways (and ways to not invent wheels) of using Excel 2007.

    Our product provides a way to gather data from disparate sources and produce summaries in many ways.

    It looks to me that I can learn a lot here. But, you refer to 2007 beta; are these tools in existence now for 2007?

  4. can Vision 5 install in windows 7? i try to install it and it hang at 70%. HELP!

  5. Can vision work with data IN an excel file?

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