Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 11 July, 2006

The WWPS Keynote

These are my notes from Steve Balmer’s keynote.

  • People Ready is not a marketing campaign it is the driving mission statement.
  • Vista is a block buster release- never again will MS do such a release- count on it.
  • Massive launch for Vista and Office 07 – Consumer based campaigns.

    •  If consumer launch is big then then this will drive business take up
    •  Office "Better results faster" – The biggest Office release ever.
  • Vista Desktop Search and Office 2007 Both use the same index

  • Sharepoint – The next big thing ™

    • Search – There is a big drive to getting a unified search across desktop, Sharepoint, Back Office Solutions and the Internet
    • Sharepoint can now handle 50 million docs in its index
  • Business data catalogue – search back office systems

    • Connectors for MS  CRM, SAP and  Seibel when it is RTM
    • Custom actions – Bi-Directional interactions
  • People ready – Sharepoint can create  links of people across the organization. think of it as a "MySpace" for business. People who are friends  of friends. This is auto built from  contacts, AD, email etc

    • It shows the Degrees of separation
  • Windows Live Search

    • Beta July
    • Rich results live preview
    • Join results from Desktop, and Sharepoint
  • Unified Communications

    • Heard another bastardized word "Coopatition"!!!
    • Round Table peripheral A video conference peripheral
    •  Consistent interface – IM VoIP Email
    • Brings together all forms of comms in one UI
    • Outlook web Exchange now has rich web access with access to voice messaging
    • Can add meta data about can have voice mail forwarding to a phone as well as play in media player
    • Big on presence information.
    • One click contact  IM Messages have context put in as well as a form of meta data
    • multi party video and audio 

      • Video auto switches to speaker – Active Something or other
    • Call management. Solution
  • Security – Forefront

    • Move beyond just security – Firewall anti virus anti spyware
    • Server protection



  1. Coopatition? WTF!!!!

  2. […] [update] – Charlie gives a great rundown on Day 1 keynotes […]

  3. Another industry term that it’s weird hearing in that kind of audience. A mashup 🙂 of competititon and cooperation

    more at

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