Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 13 July, 2006

Going Mobile

Seen a couple of good sesions on Mobile solutions.

One was from TBS mobility on a GPS and mobile field service type applications. It seems that they have also done work on Dynamics products in a mobile enviroment.

Then there was a demo of using Map Point and Virtual Earth.

After that we have had a demo of Office live communications server. Very nice, paricularly as you can have multiple members of a converstaion.

There was a demo of Smarter Child we bot and the idea is that there could be an inteligent bot within the Line of Business enviroment.

Unfortunatly it is a very cool set of tools with lots of sexy looks but other than the Communication Server functionality I am not seeing a killer application other than for specific narrow verticals. Added value seems to  be the answer but I am not yet convinced that the budget will yet be released for anything beyond Communication Server.


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