Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 19 July, 2006

Write Backs to Analysis Services (SSAS) 2005

I have hit a snag with writing back to a measure in an Analysis Services Cube.
The cube I have has security applied at a level in the hierarchy so that role members only see the data for their cost centre and below.
Apart from the Accounting dimension hierarchy I only have a Year / Month dimension.
I am doing write backs from Excel to this cube using vba code. However whenever I run the code as a user I get an error saying that one or more of the cells is locked.
I am doing the write back at the lowest level of granularity on both dimensions, the cube dimensions are set to read/write as is every other potential location I have found. The database that stores the write backs does allow inserts and so on. I have allowed Cube processing.
I this I am missing something obvious but can’t see it. It may be to do with Cell security but I cant find a syntax that works but does not cripple my report query.
Needless to say everything works just fine if the role is an Administrator.
Does anyone have any pointers?



  1. Hi Charlie, I have come accross the same problem and have reviewed almost everything I can think of but can’t find any related info on the web, have you sort this out already?

    Thanks, regards

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