Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 25 July, 2006

Microsoft PerformancePoint Strategy Q & A

This is a Q & A session transcript with the corporate VP of Microsoft Office Business Applications, Lewis Levin.

I have not finished it all yet but it outlines the Microsoft Strategy for BI and in particular PerformancePoint.

It is a bit wooly in many areas with management speak taking over . I was particularly disappointed by this section.

PressPass: How does PerformancePoint relate to Microsoft Dynamics?

Levin: We’ve worked closely with the Microsoft Business Solutions team during the planning and development of PerformancePoint. The Microsoft Dynamics roadmap includes plans to take advantage of and integrate with PerformancePoint by tailoring it for the specific needs of Microsoft Dynamics customers, including specific efforts to ensure that the functionality and capabilities found in present Microsoft Dynamics BI solutions are integrated with and available as part of PerformancePoint.

It is my contention that the primary way that this will get infront of users is as a value added proposition to Dynamics sales and to existing Dynamics users. This deserves more than a couple of lines of management babble and some concrete road maps.



  1. Interesting article Charlie! I am looking forward to get into PerformancePoint Server 2007…I have to be patient since the RTM is planned for 2007 Q2 (maybe some beta in early 2007??).

    Thanks for the link!



  2. Charlie;

    Would like to talk to you about the PerformancePoint “ecosystem”. Let me know that best way to reach you.

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