Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 31 August, 2006

Test post from Windows Live Writer

In the past I have used Qumana as my of line posting tool but I thought I would give this new Microsoft tool a go.

So far I like the look and feel more but I miss the inline spell checking. I also miss the way Qumana handles inserting URLs. If the clipboard contains a URL then it automatically includes it in the dialogue box. I know that there is an IE toolbar but I use RSS Bandit for off line reading so that functionallity is of limited use to me. 

Dont know how well it will cope with the photos.

EDIT Not so sure I like the Single document interface but not a deal breaker

EDIT Alfred says it handles photos well and as he has been using it a while and often posts good pics I guess it is alright. I still miss the red line spell checker!



  1. Thanks for the input. I have been trying LW for a while to see if there was anything to be learned from it. And yes, inline spell check is a gap and not putting a URL on the clipboard into the link box is a gap. Now they do offer auto-complete of links you’ve been to, but it doesn’t seem to include current or recent pages.

    I think the image handling is pretty cool, but the editing old posts is rather clumsy. Yeah I’m biased, but hey I think that’s my prerogative!

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