Posted by: Charles Maitland | Monday 4 September, 2006

One post 2 editors

Following my post about the merits of Qumana against Windows Live Writer I got a comment from Tris Hussey at Qumana.

I felt that anyone who keeps that close a watch on the blogs deserves a closer look at their product.

To this end I am doing this post twice once in each product to see how I get on.This is the post from Qumana.

  1. Formatting.
    1. I am using Qumana 3.0.0-3b I understand that 5b has much more formatting including font colours.As I did not get to download that version I will assume that it has a matching function to Live Writer.
    2. Live Writer picks up the style sheet from your blog and displays using that. It also means that Heading styles are available from a drop down list. Qumana needs you to edit the HTML.
  2. Features.
    1. Inline spell checking is invaluable. I really miss it in Live Writer. My only wish is that Qumana had a UK dictionary but it is a minor point (I now find that this is also the case in Live Writer!).
    2. The auto population of URLs in the link dialogue is a nice touch in Qumana but I understand that Live Writer has a plug in for this.
    3. Quick Blogging. Qumana has a “Drop Pad” for gathering material for posts. Live Writer relies on an addin for this. As I don’t use this feature
  3. Post History
    1. Both the Qumana Blog Manager and the Live Writer Open Dialogue seem to be similar in functionality. One area I cant test is syncing to my post history as I am off line doing this.
  4. Post Additions
    1. Live writer has a hidden properties and trackback panel at the bottom (incase you missed it like I did) and a comments drop down in the top right. Qumana puts all this in a side panel. Over all I found the Live Writer a bit too hidden and disjointed. As it is not in my face I will forget it.
  5. Pictures
    1.    Live writer has done this very well. Qumana can do basic pictures but when it come to sizing and smartening Live Writer has it.


For the way I work at the moment Qumana just has the edge. The main reason for this is that it has the in line spell checker and a better organized categories and trackback layout.The vast majority of my posts don’t use fancy formatting, images and layout so I wont gain from Live Writer’s enhancements in these areas.


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