Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 5 September, 2006

One post 2 editors

Following my post about the merits of Qumana against Windows Live Writer I got a comment from Tris Hussey at Qumana.

I felt that anyone who keeps that close a watch on the blogs deserves a closer look at their product.

To this end I am doing this post twice once in each product to see how I get on. This is the Live Writer post

  1. Formatting
    1. Live writer has text colours and strike through. The version of Qumana I have does not have this but version b5 does. I will say they are equivalent.
    2. Live Writer picks up on and uses the styles from your blog. This means that it is an exact view of the text as it will appear. It also means that Heading styles are available.
  2. Features
    1. Qumana has inline spell checking which Live writer does not. I am really missing it!
    2. Unfortunately both products are tied to a US dictionary and Live Writer thinks that the best suggestion for dont is don?t!
    3. Linking. There is the nice feature in Qumana that populates the URL dialogue with the clipboard URL. I understand that there is an add in for live writer for this.
  3. Post History.
    1. Qumana has a blog manager and Live Writer has a special open dialogue. The Open Dialogue looks nicer but functionally they seem about the same. Don’t know how well Live writer syncs to post history as I am off line.
  4. Post Additions
    1. Live writer has a properties and trackbacks pop up at the bottom of the screen. Mind you it took me ages to find it!  I also forget that it is there and the categories is in the top right. Needs to be a bit more consolidated. Qumana has a side area for the same function.
  5. Pictures
    1. The adding of basic pictures seems to be about the same but Live Writer really wins when it comes to adding the extra bits that make it look that much more professional. drop shadows etc. Sizing is also very easy.


For the way I work at the moment Qumana just has the edge. The main reason for this is that it has the in line spell checker and a better organized categories and trackback layout.The vast majority of my posts don’t use fancy formatting, images and layout so I wont gain from Live Writer’s enhancements in these areas.



  1. Hi Charlie. Thanks for giving Q another shot. I agree with your review. There are some nice image handling features in Live Writer, and I like the keywords box. I do (sshhh) use it for one site that I post to because they want to use the keywords box, but that’s one blog out of 10+.

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