Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 12 October, 2006


Way back at the Microsoft Partner Conference I saw a short demo of RSInteract. This is a totally web based report building tool that sits over SQL Server Reporting Services (2000/5)  and I was impressed.

Today I had a web demo of it again including the new OLAP report building in the new release. As always in a demo there is a lot to take in but some of the things I really liked were:

  • It is very light weight being a pure web app.
  • The ability to edit an existing report is very easy.
  • The user can preview the changes without having to commit them.
  • Multiple combinations of tables and graphs can be built into one report. This is a really nice feature.
  • The functionality and UI has been broken up in a nice easy to understand manner.
  • None of the underlying Reporting Services power and functionality has been lost. It is just made easier.

The down sides to this silver bullet of report writing are:

  • It does not use the report models for relational data sources. You have to create and expose views for the end user.
  • there is an additional cost over and above SQL Server Licences. That said when compared to other ad-hoc report builders in the market it is still cheap with what appears to be much greater functionality.

I have just installed it and will be evaluating it myself over the coming week so more later.

Does anyone have any experiance with this product or something similar for comparison?



  1. Hi Charlie,

    This post is a bit old but I was wondering if you got to test the software and what were your findings. I’m looking into embedding this in my app but cannot find too many reviews of RSInteract.

    Best regards,

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