Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 18 October, 2006

PerformancePoint in the Performance Management 2.0 world

With thanks to Yuri who pointed me in the direction of Craig who has pointers to a whole range of materials around the performance management shake up that is going on.

Craig has a short piece on Performance Management 2.0 which he describes as an outgrowth of the core performance management that many companies have in place.

The 2.0 tag will become truer as the Microsoft PerformancePoint impact becomes clearer. In Craig’s words;

The area with the greatest potential payback is operational analytics. This really brings performance management to all areas of the company and makes it meaningful and relevant to each of those areas.

The emphasis is mine but I think that it shows how the Microsoft mentality of "pile them high sell them cheap" and get the information in front of those that can act on it will drive the market going forward. 

It is also interesting to see how the likes of Business Objects are starting to align their portfolio of products to ensure that they maintain the same level of coverage as Microsoft are expected to offer.



  1. I recently did an interview with Chris Caren, Microsoft’s GM for Business Office applications for my Business Intelligence Blog, Eye On BI, and we covered Microsoft’s Performance Management Strategy pretty in depth.

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