Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 25 October, 2006

PerformancePoint Analysis

Craig Schiff has a short analysis of the impact PerformancePoint is going to have on the BPM Market.

Unfortunately for the rest of the BPM vendors, I believe that the Microsoft impact will be larger and be felt sooner than expected

From my position I have to agree. I would have expected the other players in the market to be establishing a more vocal and competitive position now in order to head off the competition. Hoping that Microsoft wont get it right does not seem to me to be a sound long term survival strategy.

How this will all turn out is anybody’s guess, but it is certainly going to be an exciting time in the BPM world.



  1. […] Following up on several earlier posts by Charlie Maitland and probably soon to appear all around the BI-related blogosphere, the CTP for PPS is available now! At least I can see it through the Microsoft Connect program. Can’t wait to install a copy and start exploring what’s there – Microsoft seems to be up to something really big here. […]

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