Posted by: Charles Maitland | Sunday 29 October, 2006

Sharepoint Licensing

I had hoped that this site on enterprise CALS which was pointed out to me might just hold some answers to the licenses and functionality for Sharepoint 2007.


It is saying that there will be a standard and enterprise version of the product and some bits on what is in each but not in nearly enough detail.

One interesting point is that is says you need an enterprise licence to use Forms Server. I have received information that contradicts this so I will have to follow it up more. This is a critical factor as I am pitching Forms Server in a Sharepoint 2003 environment and they don’t want to upgrade yet.

The worst part is STILL NO PRICES! We are weeks away from launch. I am pitching it as part of solutions as Microsoft want but I cant give any prices!



  1. Hi Charlie,

    as far as I know you will be able to license the Forms Server seperately without buying the enterprise license for MOSS 2007.

    This also should enable a scenario with WSS and the Forms Server….

    I also agree with you that having prices would help doing presales.
    Would it not be the time for publishing prices if publishing the software is as near as mentioned?


  2. Hi Markus

    I was under the same impression as you that Forms server can be deployed on its own. However, reading the differences between a Standard CAL and an Enterprise CAL it is pitched in a way that indicates that an enterprise CAL is required for Forms Server. What I think they mean is that you get Forms Server as part of the enterprise CAL.


  3. Hi Charlie,

    it is a pitty that I do not have a kind of “official” slide, but in this forums post [] there is this link [] included.

    Sorrowly this table of information is also interpretable but I would interprete it as a seperate product in the portfolio like the Groove Server and therefor will also have its own SKU.


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