Posted by: Charles Maitland | Tuesday 31 October, 2006

Sharepoint Components and Licencing

I have been hunting for information on the licensing and components for Sharepoint 2007 as this information is becoming critical. For some reason I had not checked the blog site for the Sharepoint Team for a while and boy have they been busy.

A KEY document is this. A spreadsheet detailing what is in what product including WSS and Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 for comparison. Now we can clearly let customers know what they will get for their money just not how much money.

It seems there will be the following CALs

  • WSS 3.0
  • Office Sharepoint Server 2007 for Search
  • Office Forms Server
  • Office Sharepoint 2007 Standard CAL
  • Office Sharepoint 2007 Enterprise CAL OR for Internet Site

Looking at the Business Intelligence tab it seems that the enterprise CAL is going to be required for all the BI stuff such as Business Data Catalogues, Excel Services, central data connections etc. A bit of a shame but I can see the logic in this, if you are big enough to have Line of Business apps etc you can afford an enterprise licence.



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