Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 3 November, 2006

BPM Consolidation gathers pace

I see from EyeonBI that Business Objects and IBM have entered an agreement to sell BI and Business Performance Management software to the Mid Market.

This is clearly another instance of the BI vendors trying to establish bonds with the database players in face of the advance of Microsoft. Business Objects are, in my opinion, the most vulnerable of the traditional BI vendors but I am not sure that this alignment will be enough.

The same site notes that Oracle have purchased a content management company for $440 Million. It is interesting that in the dot com bubble companies floated for vast sums and now the big players are consolidating the small offerings into huge multi function suites. Just like Microsoft have always done.

So now we have Oracle pushing into Microsoft’s Portal space, Microsoft pushing into Oracle’s DB space and IBM pushing into the BI space.

My take on it is that they have all realised that CIOs are not buying a database any more (if ever) but are sold on the presentation layer almost exclusively. Well they do say start every pitch with the dashboard as that is the only bit management will ever see.

Interesting times.


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