Posted by: Charles Maitland | Wednesday 22 November, 2006

Are data warehouses evolving and into what ?

Pete poses the question "Are data warehouses dinosaurs?"

He points out that with the availability of multi source query tools and the sheer size of many data warehouses there is an argument (which he does not hold with) that central consolidation of data is becoming irrelevant.

He counters this argument by pointing out that OLTP systems are not designed for retrieving large amounts of historical data and that security and regulatory pressures will ensure the survival of the Data Warehouse.

I suspect the outcome is that the data warehouses will not become extinct, they will just evolve into data warehouses!

The data warehouse is dead, long live the data warehouse

I think that with the increased availability of data management tools (such as PerformancePoint) we will see the break up of the big monolithic DW into smaller more localized and specialist data warehouses that are under central management.

By being closer to the user these smaller warehouses will be more responsive and relevant and therefore will meet the users needs better. By meeting the needs better they will get more funding and will therefore be more successful.

I think that the environment is now ready for the data warehouse to evolve from a big dinosaur into a faster more responsive mammal.


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