Posted by: Charles Maitland | Friday 24 November, 2006

New Report Builder on the block – 90 Degree Software

Russell Christopher points to a new Reporting Services Report builder from 90 Degree Software.

It seems that this is targeted at "Power users" who need more than Report Builder but less than Visual Studio.

I have not used it just browsed the site. It has some nice features such as a component library so that sections of a report can be saved and reused and in some way a set of supplied components:

For example, Radius enables report designers to have full control of the entire reporting workflow and report designers can utilize our innovative ‘Radius add-ins’, which are specific design environments for specific industries or verticals. For example, a report designer can choose the ‘Radius Microsoft CRM add-in’ and this interface will have report types, buttons, and shortcuts for example that are relevant to that application – such as a detailed sales report type – and help speed report development tasks.

I am not totally sure how this works and most telling to me is that there does not seem to be any mention of which data sources it can use and how the user interacts with the data. In my mind this is the make or break of the product.

It might show it in the video but unfortunately watching requires me to download an executable to get the codec and that’s a step too far for me just to watch a screen cast.


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