Posted by: Charles Maitland | Sunday 26 November, 2006

More on 90 Degree Report Builder

I had a very nice email from Michael Matrick of 90 Degree and this prompted me to install the codec on my home machine and give it a watch.

The video shows how reports can be created, edited and enhanced. Some of my thoughts as I watch..

Its has a totally Office 2007 look and feel and looks very polished.

I like the fact that you can bring existing reports in to the software and break out the component sections into their component library for later reuse.

There is no detail on how data is accessed but a screen at 02:25 and a comment in the narration seems to point to it being driven by SQL Queries in the source database. I wonder if Report Models and UDM in in the pipeline?

There seems to be a nice way of associating the data connection with the report component in the library. When you add a predefined component it brings it’s connection and query with it. If this is the same as is used in other areas of the report then this is detected and new duplicate connections are not created. Nice touch.

Interesting that there seems to be an overlap between the 90 Degree Library and the Report Server. It is possible to publish a whole report to either location which could lead to some confusion.

Overall a very slick looking product. My only reservations are the way it handles and displays fields to end users and if decision makers are willing to buy it.


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