Posted by: Charles Maitland | Thursday 30 November, 2006

SQL BI Group event

Many thanks to all those who organized this event and who spoke at it. I certainly picked up a lot and it was good to put faces to names.

It was good to see how Visio can hook into data in a practical manner. David Parker took us through how easy Visio 2007 has made linking shapes to data using a connection and drag and drop.The pivot Diagrams were also a revelation.It is really hard to describe these effects and how powerful they are without seeing them in action. I must include Visio 2007 in my January machine rebuild.

Sanjay Nayyar took us through using SQL 2005 suite for BI in a SAP environment. I must confess to being a complete dunce when it comes to the SAP architecture but I picked up more real world knowledge in that session than I had gleaned before.

In the final session Andrew Sadler, late of ProClarity, now of Microsoft took us through the PerformancePoint components and gave some insight into what is happening with each of them. The things he was discussing especially in regards to the Proclarity road map and how that will be integrated with the likes of Excel and BSM will blow people away. I hope he can release his slide deck soon.

Overall a very worthwhile event even with 2 hours of motorway gridlock coming home. One small thing for the future events is I think a greater weighting to live demos would have suited me more.

Thanks to all involved.


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